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10 Amazing Features Of Akwa Ibom International Airport New Terminal Building

10 Amazing Features Of Akwa Ibom International Airport New Terminal Building

Akwa Ibom International Airport New Terminal

With the Government effort to reposition Akwa Ibom as an aviation hub in Africa, a new Akwa Ibom International airport terminal building with intelligence and smart building standard is underway.

10 Things To Know About Airport New Terminal Building

Its features will make it the best African airport terminal when completed. They features are:

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  • A digital self check-in by a robot pre-planned before Covid-19
  • Five bridges,  staircases and  seven lifts.
  • Four escalators, pressure sensitive and only move when a passenger is detected.
  • Special roof that can last up to 200 years without changing colour,  was conceptualized for the project.
  • Very high security architecture.
  • 6.Finger print digital pass or card pass.
  • 7. A sick bay and staff lodge.
  • 8. Four methods of fire prevention: fire extinguishers, fire water sprinkler system, fire detectors, FM 200 ie automated fire suppression system.
  • 9.To accommodate one million passengers per year.
  • 10. Occupies a total area of about 30,000 square meters.
With the ongoing international terminal building that will be completed in December next year, the second runway and other facilities, there is a deliberate reinvention of the aviation story in the State.

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