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1000pdf Token Contract Address | How To Buy 1000PDF

As they say applied knowledge is power, here are answers to those questions about 1000pdf Token Contract Address, where and how to buy 1000pdf token and everything you need to know.

1000pdf Token Contract Address

What is 1000PDF? is a platform launched on June 13, 2021, that connects authors, networkers, and bibliophiles and ultimately connects the crypto ecosystem with the educational sector for maximum productivity and profitability.

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This platform aims at making knowledge affordable and profitable to all.

To achieve this, 1000PDF gives 3 free e-books upon registration and also makes sure that no book on the platform goes beyond $3.

1000PDF platform is registered with the Corporate Affairs Commission of Nigeria [RC 3486790].

Revenue Generation on the 1000PDF platform

• Upon registration with $4 newly registered members are given three ebooks for free, namely;

a. 100 ways to monetize your website.
b. Fish Production
c. Ebook Writing like a Pro

The knowledge gotten from these books can be utilized and monetized. Also, you are at liberty to sell the ebooks to others if you want.

• You make money by selling your books if you’re an author. Once registered, you can easily upload and sell your book to thousands of members of

• Then, you earn referral commission down to your third generation of downlines.

Let’s say Collins registered using your referral link, you’ll get $1.6. If Zoey registers using Collins’ link, you’ll get $0.9 again, and if Sandra Registers Under Zoey, you’ll still get $0.5.

This is how earning is sustained even till your third downline(s).

• You get trained to trade binary options (forex) for FREE! This has helped many of our members as we empower them with this training and they are making hundreds of dollars.

Founders of 1000PDF

Although the 1000PDF project developers are anonymous, it has been publicly backed by Rapostle Sam, an African Crypto Coach, businessman, and founder of Crypto Domain

The uniqueness of 1000PDF

1000PDF token is the community native token of the 1000PDF ecosystem which allows traders, liquidity providers, and partners of 1000PDF to work collectively towards an enhanced goal of making Knowledge profitable and affordable.

1000PDF token will be used for transactions; as a means of payment for book stores worldwide, and possibly as a launchpad for book-related tokens on DeFi protocol.

This will enhance the wide availability of valuable, affordable, profitable, and relevant digital books in the community for the growth and development of community members and visitors.

1000pdf Token Contract Address


How Many 1000PDF tokens Are There in Circulation?

There is a total supply of 3,000,000 1000PDF tokens globally. At the moment, about 1,000,000 of them are inactive circulation on the market.

It is important to note that 1000PDF token undergoes a 4% burn of its total supply monthly until a 50% burn of the total supply is achieved.

Considering this, the amount of 1000PDF tokens in circulation consistently reduces monthly.

Currently, 1000PDF Token is the first project deployed to serve a purpose in the book ecosystem.

Other lists of projects to be completed include a dex, a gaming system that rewards those who read and summarize the books on the platform.

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Where to Buy 1000PDF Token (1000PDF)?

1000PDF token is a relatively popular cryptocurrency token among bibliophiles, which will be available for purchase on a vast array of cryptocurrency exchanges based on our roadmap.

Currently, most of its trading volume is on the Pancakeswap exchange. This will spread out as soon as listing begins on other exchanges as proposed by the team.

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