Mark Noble has told
Arsenal captain, Granit Xhaka to leave
West harm captain Noble said this while reacting to Xhaka’s
confrontation with the Gunners fans.

it was  recalls that Xhaka was taken off by manager, Unai Emery during Arsenal’s 2-2

draw against Crystal Palace in the Premier
League last weekend, and he threw the
captain’s armband to the floor, hurling insults
at his own fans after they had ironically
cheered his substitution before he marched
straight down the tunnel.
The Switzerland midfielder, however, released
a statement on Thursday explaining, rather
than apologising for his actions.
“Granit has taken a lot of flak for his
reaction,” Noble told the Standard.
“But I did have some sympathy for him.
“I know what it’s like when things are not
going as well as you would like because, if
you’re a manager or a captain, fans tend to
aim more criticism at you.
“It’s a tough one and a fine line because
you’re trying your best, but if you’re booed by
your fans it is inevitable that your confidence
will take a hit. I’ve had it myself, but the
bottom line is that everything changes with
“Obviously, Granit has made mistakes and
sometimes his discipline may not be the
best, but the way I’ve always seen it is that
the fans pay their hard-earned money, they go
to the games and they have a right to express
their opinion.”
Noble added, “In all honesty, the best
solution might be to tell his agent, ‘Look, they
don’t like me here, so maybe it’s best if I go
and play somewhere else.
“There would be a lot of takers for him
because he is a quality player and it does
seem, from the outside, that his fellow
players love him, both as a professional and
a person. If I was him I would say, ‘I’ve had a
great time here, but it’s not worked out
recently and it’s time for a new challenge’.

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