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Catholic Church confirm Two Nun are pregnant

The Catholic Church in Rome has subjected
two nuns to investigation after they were
discovered pregnant after missionary work in
Africa, the Sun reports.
The two nuns were said to have undergone
different assignments in different continents.
However, trouble started after one of them
complained of stomach ache and she was
taken to the hospital where she was
discovered to have been pregnant.
Also, the second nun, a mother superior, was
still working when she was discovered
According to the Church, there is every
possibility that both women returned to their
nation and has some form of sexual encounter
which resulted in the pregnancy.
A Catholic church source in Rome told The
“There is consternation at this news.
“It appears that both women were back in
their home nations and obviously had some
form of sexual encounter.
“An investigation has been launched; they
both breached strict rules of chastity but the
welfare of their children is uppermost.”

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