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2021 Most Stressful Cities In The World, Number 2 will Shock You

2021 Most Stressful Cities In The World, Number 2 will Shock You

Most Stressful Cities In The World

Breaking news as united Nations releases another interesting fact about 2021 and it’s world cities. Surprising a Nigeria popular city was just ranked second among the foremost stressful cities within the world

According to 2021 latest world cities index released on thursday. In arriving at the list, the report considered factors like safety and security, sociopolitical stability, population density, air, light, and sound pollution levels, the quantity of traffic jam and weather.

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According to VAAY the smallest amount and Most Stressful Cities Index 2021 compares and analyses 100 global cities for indicators associated with stress.

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This report was taken considering many factors like the cities economy, employment rate, standard of living, death rate and so many other factors that were used as a yardstick to measure stress.

List Of Most Stressful Cities In The World

Mumbai, India
Lagos, Nigeria
Manila, Philippines
New Delhi, India
Baghdad, Iraq
Kabul, Afghanistan
Moscow, Russia
Karachi, Pakistan
Jakarta, Indonesia
Kiev, Ukraine

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2921 Least Stressful Cities

Reykjavik, Iceland
Bern, Switzerland
Helsinki, Finland
Wellington, New Zealand
Melbourne, Australia
Oslo, Norway
Copenhagen, Denmark
Innsbruck, Austria
Hanover, Germany
Graz, Austria

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