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5 Dangerous Mistakes Couples Always Make

5 Dangerous Mistakes Couples Make

5 Dangerous Mistakes Couples always Make

Sometimes the issue of money is a tense subject to discuss among couples and one survey found that 90 percent of married adults believe finance is very important when considering a spouse against beauty, attractions and other traits. In this article we will discuss those 5 dangerous Mistakes married couples always do in marriage that will run their relationship life.

Checkout those 5 Dangerous Mistakes Couples always Make

Take a look at those Biggest Mistakes Couples Make with much concentration on money issues in relationship.

1. You don’t ‘ever’ talk about money

Once you make up your mind to get married to that man or that woman, having an open conversation about money shouldn’t be a problem if “all is fair in love.” According to experts, “how money was handled in the past will often influence our spending personalities and how we handle money now, which is why it’s important to understand our partner’s money history.”


By discussing money in your relationship you will have a chance to be honest about the debts you’re bringing in, and learn about the ones your partner might have. Experts suggest that having the money discussion early in relationships is one of the best ways to create common savings goals.

2. Only one person is responsible for managing finance

In this millennial world, it disapproving for only one partner to manage the finances when the couple are supposed to be teammates. If one spouse is devoting time to your collective finances, it means the other might have a much murkier view of what’s going on – and leave the money-managing person feeling resentful for taking on all of the workloads.

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Experts advise couples to have at the very least, a regular check-in meeting ‘money date,’where both of you go over your finances together, maybe once per month, to touch base about your financial decisions.

3. Quick decision about merging bank accounts

This is the most logical and romantic thing to do, you might say. But experts warn that it shouldn’t be a decision to rush into by both partners so as not to complicate the relationship in the end.

They advise that unless you’re both comfortable and trust each other enough, there’s no need to merge your accounts for the obvious reason of one spouse’s draining a mutual account, or worse, dividing assets in the event of a breakup or divorce.

4. Keeping money secrets from each other

I understand you might wonder why keeping money secrets might bring problem between couples. Research has shown that millions of couples in the world have kept financial accounts hidden from their spouses.

Whether you’re paying child support for offspring you never mentioned, supporting a relative financially or you can’t get your spending habit under control, a committed relationship is no place to keep money secrets.

This can be avoided if you have regular money meetings to discuss finances and be honest about it.

 5. Not saving for emergencies

This should be another agenda in every couples’ list of financial priorities. A survey has shown that more than 48 percent couples do not put money aside for rainy days such as car repair or hospital visit. Experts say that holiday can keep you from financial disaster and keep you from accumulating debt that plummets beyond recovery.


Sometimes is not easy as you think to avoid all these 5 dangerous Mistakes married couples usually makes in marriage, but the only big solution to this is “communication” which has been proven by many relationship expert.

According to many scholars communication has been another symbol of unity in any relationship. You can drop your suggest on the comments box below.


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