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5 Proven Strategies Of Repinning On Pinterest

5 Proven Strategies Of Repinning On Pinterest

Strategies Of Repinning On Pinterest

When you share another user’s existing pin, placing that user’s pin on one of your own boards, that’s called repinning. Today will go deeper on those strategies of repinning on Pinterest.

Repinning is fun and easy, and it’s a wonderful way to build up quality pins on your boards quickly.

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Using repins also allows you to remain active without dedicating massive
blocks of time to hunting down great images from around the web to pin.

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Although you still want to do that as well, I would estimate a large portion of pins on Pinterest are actually repinned.

Strategies Of Repinning On Pinterest

The upside of Pinterest currently being in invitation-only mode is that the quality of pins is very high, making it a great source for repins. If blatant spam is happening anywhere on Pinterest, I have yet to witness it. In a few minutes of browsing, I can usually find several pins I’m eager to repin.

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I discuss finding pins worthy of repining in the upcoming sections, but first you need to know how to actually repin a pin

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Checkout 5 Strategies Of Repinning On Pinterest Below

1. Find a pin that you would like to repin and mouse over it

Three buttons appear: Repin, Like, and Comment

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2. Click the Repin button

The Repin dialog box appears.

3. Use the drop-down list to choose which of your boards to use for the repin

If needed, you can also use this drop-down list to create a new board, as described in the earlier section, “Creating a new board on the fly.”

4. Type a description of the pin in the text box

Often you can use the existing description, but sometimes you might need to change the description to your own words. See the later section, “Changing or crediting the original pinner’s comments,” for more details.

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5. Click the Pin It button

A box flashes with the option to view the pin now. If you don’t click it, you’re taken back to the page where you repinned.

How To Finding Pins To Repin

You can find pins to repin in several ways. Your repins can come both from those Pinterest members you follow and from the general Pinterest membership. Use the following sections as your guide while hunting for great pins on the Pinterest site.

The Above strategies are very and productive ways of repinning on Pinterest to achieve great results.

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