5 Things To Consider Wearing To A Protest

Checkout 5 Things To Consider Wearing To A Protest

EndSARS Protesters 5 Things To Consider Wearing To A Protest

From time immemorial, protests have always been a way to effect change in any government. People all over the world throughout history have come out to make their voices heard to people in power. Below are 5 things to consider wearing to a Protest.

Fashion also plays a practical role during demonstrations. Many people wonder what to wear to a protest to stay safe, below are some essential clothing items to take a long for a protest.

See 5 Things To Consider Wearing To A Protest


With COVID-19 still raging around the world, remember not to throw caution in the wind just because you’re protesting. Though sometimes you can’t avoid walking shoulder-to-shoulder with others, make sure to cover your face with a non-medical cloth face mask for your own protection and the protection of others according to Bustle.



Whether they are prescription glasses or sunglasses to shield your eyes from the sun, glasses of any kind ensure solid protection from pepper spray, tear gas, and act as a barrier if anything is physically thrown in your direction. If you wear contacts, try to avoid that amid a protest, as sprays and gasses can get trapped between the lens and your eye, causing excessive pain.

5 Things To Consider Wearing To A Protest

Fanny pack

The less you have in your hands, dangling from your body, or generally taking your attention away from what you’re doing, the better. There is also a very low probability of misplacing your items or even your bag since a fanny pack is closely tied around your body.

Baseball cap

Apart from baseball cap protecting you from the sun, together with a nose mask and sunglasses, it provides you with anonymity. Also, when the rain falls, there is a bit of comfort that comes from using a baseball cap.

Durable fabrics and long pants

Fabrics like denim are advisable. When marching in such a large crowd, you could be pushed or knocked to the ground. While you can’t totally avoid that outcome, you can make sure that you wear durable fabrics that will be more difficult to rip. Also, when you wear long pants, they protect you from the elements or tripping and falling, it’s best to cover up as much as possible to avoid your skin being in contact with any chemical.

It is advisable to always stay safe during any protest. You can take extra-clothings with you in case you need to change due to teargas, pepper spray or other things getting on your items of clothing.

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