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5 Things To Know In Cryptocurrency To Avoid Getting Scammed

Due to high trend and demand of crypto assets, scammers are everywhere to steal from ignorance and misinformed individuals. here are 5 things you need to know in cryptocurrency to avoid been scammed of your hard-earned assets.

5 Things To Know In Cryptocurrency To Avoid Getting Scammed

5 Things To Know In Cryptocurrency To Avoid Getting Scammed

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Below are easy things you should know in order not to fall for them.


1. NEVER trust any stranger who messages you first privately on any social media platform, it’s 99% a SCAMMER.

Some might seem as if they want to help you, but pls NEVER send funds to them.

2. You might find yourself in a STRANGE GROUPS/CHANNELS you never joined, please REPORT SPAM AND LEAVE THOSE GROUPS/CHANNELS.

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You were added by these same SCAMMERS claiming to be ESCROWS, TRADING, OR INVESTMENT PLATFORMS.

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To Avoid such next time, please do this: > Go to Telegram ⚙Settings >  Privacy and Security > Groups > Change to “My Contacts”. You can also change everything to “My Contact” for Max Privacy.

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3. NEVER send your Crypto to anyone, Company, Website, or Bot claiming to help you DOUBLE, TRADE, INVEST or get interested for you ( in 10 mins, 30 mins, 45 mins, 4hrs, 24hr,s, etc) there’s no such thing as Account Managers, they are all SCAMMERS.

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4. NEVER send your funds to anyone or airdrop bot website site asking for funds for you to withdraw your Crypto from them. Once you send it, you’ve been scammed already.

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5. NEVER give out your Private Keys, 12/24 Pass-phrase, Password, or Pin of your Wallet to any stranger/website asking for them to help you in any manner. These are SCAMMERS

On your Crypto Journey, Scammers will approach you in different shapes and forms one way or the other, please be wise and have common sense so you won’t be a victim.

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Anything that looks too good to be true, and you don’t understand, pls ask questions here on the comment box before taking any action.

Hope you got value on 5 things to know in cryptocurrency to avoid getting scammed. Remember to share with others.

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