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5 Tips Regain Your Ranking After Google Algorithm Update

5 Tips Regain Your Ranking After Google Algorithm Update

Regain Your Ranking After Google Algorithm

An Algorithm Update is a change to Google’s core ranking algorithms, adjusting the way they rank web pages and deliver search results for the user. Here we will teach you how to regain your ranking after google algorithm monthly updates.

As there are many different ranking factors in use and specific information regarding updates is often withheld, it can be difficult to prepare for and adjust to these updates.

Did you loose ranking after a Google update due to 1 issue or the other, maybe content, backlinks or any other issue? Don’t loose hope yet, their is a way to revive it.


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Many people sold their big blogs at a peanut price due to updates but they forgot that the blog can still rank again.

Regain Your Ranking After Google Algorithm

NOTE: If your blog is hit by Google update, it’s not the right time to build links, you can actually channel your time and energy trying to fix things.

Checkout Easy Way To Regain Your Ranking After Google Algorithm

For you to achieve this tricks you need to fix the following below.

1. Disavow Dangerous links (if you have any)

2. Update all your content (add more words, change the publish date to recent, add few comments related to the post) (in so many cases, Good comments can increase ranking)

3. Fix broken links, both images and internal links

4 change your theme to a better theme that is more optimized, themes like newspaper WordPress theme refreshes your entire site thereby forcing a recrawl of entire site within just few days (I don’t know why, but it has been like this)

5. If you previously don’t display date, you can do that now, then you can submit your homepage, some important posts that do give you traffic before the update to search console for reindex.

This way your site will look fresh and I guarantee you 70% that your rankings is likely to come back, unless your site has manual action or your village people dey hold you.

In summary of how to regain your ranking after Google Algorithm. Just note that you can do this after few months of Google update which in some cases, it may not work for you until next Google update

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