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6 Terrifying Technologies That Will Shape Your Future

6 Terrifying Technologies that will shape our future in years to come

9 Terrifying Technologies

Since the first Industrial Revolution, mankind has been scared of future technologies. People were afraid of electricity. People were afraid of trains and cars. here are 6 Terrifying Technologies that will control our future. But it always took just one or two generations to get completely used to these innovations.

It’s true that most technologies caused harm in some ways, but the net outcome was usually good. This may be true for future technologies too, although there are serious ethical and philosophical reasons to be scared of some of them.Some of them shouldn’t really scare us. Some of them should. And some of them are already shaping our world.

Before we begin, I have to warn you: some of the things you will read in this story can be VERY controversial. I need you to approach this story with a very open mind, and acknowledge that the ideas I present here are just that, ideas.


List of 6 Terrifying Technologies that will help life

Let use discuss those 6 Terrifying Technologies that will hold the future of mankind in years to come.

1. Cryonics

Cryonics may seem very sci-fi (to be fair, everything in this story does), but it already exists. There are companies that freeze you as soon as you die, so you can be brought back to life when technology and medicine will be advanced enough

Why Does It Scare Us

People who have chosen to freeze themselves carry a social stigma. Nowadays, the idea of freezing our dead bodies seems very Frankenstein-y to most people.

2. Personal Decision-Makers

Do you ever sit in your room, pondering a decision for hours? Do you ever regret decisions? Do you ever make a good decision but you don’t enjoy it because you think of what you have lost by not choosing the alternatives?

Google and Facebook know you more than you know yourself. If optimal decisions are those that act in your best interest, isn’t it obvious to think that these companies will one day make decisions for you?

Why Does It Scare Us

Having to make decisions may be difficult and frustrating, but it’s what makes us feel in control. It’s that thing that gives us whatever we call “free will”.

3. Artist AI

In 2018, this painting has been sold at an auction for $432,500. The artist is a Generative Adversarial Network (GAN), a type of “creative AI”.

It won’t be long before AI will be used to create art better than humans. While most people claim that art should only be a human thing, because machines lack a “soul” or a “personality”, in some cases they can’t tell whether a piece of art has been created by a human or a machine. In other words, GANs have passed the art Turing Test.

Why Does It Scare Us

We are now used to see AI getting better than us at everything. AI is better than us at detecting cancer. AI is better than us at playing chess and Go.

4. Ultra-Realistic Sex Robots

Since the dawn of humanity, we have invented spectacular things like languages, art, tools, science, and ways to please ourselves without having to recur to actual sex all the time. The first dildo is 28,000 years old, way older than agriculture and human societies.

In a not so distant future (actually, it’s already happening), we will be invaded by androids and gynoids. But it won’t be a Terminator-like invasion. The only thing to invade will be our beds.

Why Does It Scare Us

1. They can be hacked. This is a common problem with most of the technologies described here. Did you piss someone off? They don’t have to get their hands dirty: all they have to do is reprogram your sex wife or husband to kill you. Maybe in a weird sex position so that it looks like an accident.

2. They replace real human affection. Why would you even bother to find a real partner, when sex robots can satisfy both your physical and emotional needs? You can save money for dinner and use it to hire a robot prostitute or buy a personal sex robot on Amazon.

5. Designer Babies

A designer baby is a baby who has been artificially created by genetic code manipulation. Our advances in understanding the genetic code have been wonderful. We have been able to clone animals and build real chimeras.

Why Does It Scare Us

It’s normal to be scared of genetic alterations. Messing with genes is commonly referred to as “playing God”, since it means manipulating the fabric of life itself. Messing with our genes too much may create something that isn’t even human

6. Artificial General Intelligence

Artificial General Intelligence (AGI) is the last invention we will ever need to make. An AGI is an AI that, like humans, can learn anything, not just one specific task like current AIs.

When an AGI will be created, it will recursively improve itself by becoming more intelligent. At some point, it will be an Artificial Super Intelligence (ASI), a being so smart that we would be like ants to it.

Why Does It Scare Us

There is a lot of confusion about this. Some people believe that an AGI can never be created because there is “something” about the human mind that can’t be replicated. Others believe that an AGI would gain self-consciousness and get sick of being the humans’ slave, so it would rebel.



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