Nigeria Will Soon Break Up: Yoruba Ethnic Leader, Banji Akintoye Explodes

The newly-appointed leader of the Yoruba ethnic race, Professor Banji Akintoye, on Saturday declared that Nigeria will some day break up if the current situation of injustice and favouritism failed to be addressed.

Akintoye, who likened Nigerian nation as a country under the reign of an empire, said that the empire must crumble and break up.

Akintoye said like other artificially created empires across the globe that have become history, Nigeria is a time bomb, which may soon explode unless equity, justice and fair play reign supreme in the land.

Professor Akintoye spoke in Ibadan, the Oyo State capital, on Saturday, while fielding questions from journalists on Fresh 105.9 FM live interview programme called South-West Political Circuit.

“Some foreign powers came and created an empire and gathered a number of nationalities together and gave them a single government. Nigeria is an empire comprising many nationalities. In the history of the world, every empire breaks up and the nationalities remain.

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