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Anambra Records First Case Of Coronavirus

Anambra Records First Case Of Coronavirus

As Seventeen new cases of #COVID19 have been reported in Nigeria today as Anambra state Records first case of coronavirus making the total case to 305 cases in Nigeria release by NCDC release on friday 10th April.

Anambra Records First Case of coronavirus

Anambra records first case of coronavirus

‪8 in Lagos‬
‪3 in Katsina‬
‪2 in FCT‬
‪1 in Niger‬
‪1 in Kaduna‬
‪1 in Anambra‬
‪1 in Ondo‬

‪As at 09:30 pm 10th April there are 305 confirmed cases of #COVID19 reported in Nigeria. 58 have been discharged with 7 deaths


As at 09:30 pm 10th April, there are‬
‪ ‬
‪305 confirmed cases‬
‪51 discharged‬
‪7 deaths‬

‪For more info-‬

‪Lagos- 163‬
‪FCT- 56‬
‪Osun- 20‬
‪Edo- 12‬
‪Oyo- 11‬
‪Bauchi- 6‬
‪Akwa Ibom- 5‬
‪Ogun- 7‬
‪Kaduna- 5‬
‪Enugu- 2‬
‪Ekiti- 2‬
‪Kwara- 2‬
‪Delta- 2‬
‪Benue- 1‬
‪Ondo- 2‬
‪Niger- 1‬
‪Anambra- 1


Three cases previously included as Lagos state cases have been transferred to Ogun state‬. The three cases live in satellite towns in Ogun close to Lagos

‪Therefore, Lagos has reported 163 confirmed cases while Ogun has reported 7 confirmed cases

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