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AshWard Token Contract Address | Claim $10 ASC Airdrop

AshWard Token Contract Address

It’s another free cryptocurrency opportunity here, check out the legit AshWard token contract address for your $10 Ashward airdrop reward coming up soon.

Here is everything you need to know about AshWard token below.

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How to claim AshWard Airdrop

💰 Joining Reward – 10 $ASC
👥 Per Refer – 3 $ASC

🔗 Link:-

🔹Complete All Task
🔹Submit BSC Wallet address From Trust wallet

The Ashward token distribution starts on 8 March 2022. Don’t miss this great opportunity.

AshWard Token Contract Address

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Only participate in completely free airdrops, never spend any penny for airdrop tokens.

The Goal of Ashward Token

1. Accessible

Launched on many platforms: Desktop: Windows, macOS Mobile: Android, iOS Web
Low starting cost: Starting by buying a chest containing heroes.

Here players can also rent heroes from others on the Marketplace. Time-saving & passive income: There’s a game mode for farming & hero rental on Marketplace.


Chat is available for quick in-game communication

2. Inflation prevention

It consists of token staking, hero Reborn, hero Recharge, hero Awakening and Pet (coming soon)

3. Diversity

A large collection of heroes
6 game modes: Casual, Raid, adventure, Kingdom Guardian, Battle royale, Competitive.

Hope you git value, remember to share with others about this Ashward token contract address and the airdrop rewards coming soon.

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