Jobs Income Site: Earn 5K Daily Using My Strategy

Are you looking for a good and trusted income-paying site to make money online daily? Then signup on

We have all seen most income sites that have crashed and stopped paying including NNU after running for about 3 years.

The aim is to use the experience and mistakes to perfect this platform and see it running while paying for at least 5 years and beyond, making it stand out as one of the most resourceful platforms in Nigeria.


What is

Askforum is a Social/Community platform for open discussions and knowledge-sharing between people mostly from Nigeria, of different genders and cultures with activities and earning opportunities attached including an affiliate system with about 55% referral commission on membership purchase.

How works

The membership fee is a one-time payment of ₦2,200

You will earn 100 points for asking a question. And 100 points to answer a question.

You will earn between 1 to 50 points for other activities including following user voting, reactions, and other activities on the platform.

NOTE: 1 point is 1 naira. No limit to questions and answers, you can answer any available questions and you can always post questions too.

Referral commission is up to 55% = ₦1,200 per referral minimum payout is ₦3,000 monthly with or without a referral. We payout every last day of the month and referral is optional.

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We also sell airtime and data top-ups including bill payments using the popular Dataway plugin to keep generating more profit with google ads. So we encourage our users to patronize and buy airtime and data from us.

If you are still looking for an alternative option to make more extra money online, then try to participate in this forum and also invite your followers, friends, and families. registration

To get started, pay your membership fee of only ₦2,200 to the official bank account below before or after registration.

Providus Bank

After payment WhatsApp 08169787210 your sender name to confirm your payment and get your account approved.

Askforum review

Is askforum legit or scam?

Is a good question with just a simple answer of Yes and No, askforum is just a new paying site and without any payment records yet. Invest what you can afford to lose.


Hope you got value, remember to share the platform with others to liberate economic and financial freedom among Nigerians. Ask is a trend, join the movement.

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