Have you heard of BDF POOL Mining? Here I will be teaching you how to mine more TRX on BDF using this strategy and everything you need to know about BDFPOOL.

BDF Pool Mining: How To Earn More TRX Using This Strategy

What is BDFPOOL?

BDFPOOL is a TRX Mining platform where you can invest and earn a certain amount of TRX daily.

Though it’s dependent on the Package you Subscribe for.

For Instance, If you Subscribe 60trx package, example, it means you will be earning 3trx every blessed day for 90 days. so after 3months, you will need to subscribe again. Below is the listing package get 👇

Break Down On Your Earnings On BDF POOL Mining

deposit 10trx 👉 get 1.2 trx daily 👉( 90 days)

deposit 60trx👉 get 3trx daily 👉 get total of 270trx (90 days plan)

deposit 120trx👉 get 6trx daily👉 get total of 540 trx in 90 days

deposit 270trx 👉 get 13.5trx daily 👉 get total of 1215 trx in 90 days

deposit 390 trx 👉 get 19.5 daily 👉 get total of 1755trx in 90 days

deposit 660trx 👉 get 33trx daily 👉 get a total of 2970trx in 90 days

to see the rest investment plans, kindly check their website by registering with this link


pick the investment type you want, make a  deposit, and purchase the package of your choice.

So guys that’s it, but aside from your daily earnings, there’s what we call spillover.

SPILLOVER is just the TRX bonus earned from the up liner (who referred you) and the Down lines (those you referred). and to my surprise guys what you can earn from SPILLOVER only is more than what you invested, is more than your daily earnings.

Hope you got value, remember to share with others about the BDF pool mining platform.

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