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BETA Finance Price | How To Buy Betacoin | Contract Address

Welcome to 6method cryptocurrency hub. Following the launching of Beta Finance Token early this morning 8th October 2021 by Binance Exchange. Checkout Beta finance price prediction, price rate to usdt and BNB including how to buy Betacoin.

Beta finance price prediction, price rate to usdt and BNB including how to buy Betacoin.

What is Betacoin?

Beta Finance is a decentralized digital currency market for short-term borrowing, lending, and cryptographic activities. This means that anyone can create a currency market for any cryptocurrency at any time.

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betacoin permits protected and secure exchanges far and wide and offers the accommodation of moment charge free cash exchanges.

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When Will Binance List Beta Finance Token?

Binance is going to launch BETA token on the Binance launchpad on 8th October.

This token is going to be distributed at a price of 0.06 USD, less than $0.06

Is Beta Token Open For Trading?

Note that BETA is not yet open for trading.

You get BETA tokens by holding BNB on the spot wallet before the time of its launch.

In other words, hold BNB untill 8 October, 7am and you will receive BETA tokens worth the amount of BNB you held.

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BETA Finance Crypto Price Prediction

Having a token before its launch on Binance is the most profitable I know thing in cryptocurrency.

Beta crypto has the potential of going 500X your investment.

It happened with C98 some 3 months ago

Binance distributed C98 at a price of $0.19 on its launch, but today C98 is above $3.50 and just a month ago, it was $6.05

However, it is not a certainty that BETA will replicate C98 success. The best thing to do is to hold the BNB on spot wallet until 8 October.

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Beta to BNB

1 BETA = 0.00013828 BNB which is approximately $0.06

Beta to USD

1 Beta = 0.06 USD 

So don’t invest based on previous Profit But you will make profit.

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How To Buy Beta Finance Token

If you want to get this token, just go to Binance and buy BNB and then follow the instructions below:

To buy Betacoin you will first check their eligibility and commit your BNB to the Beta Finance (BETA) token sale based on their past 8-day average BNB holdings. 

Remember that only BNB in user spot wallets can be used to commit which after your BNB will be locked.

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Beta Finance Contract Address


Hope you git value about Beta finance token price prediction, Beta to USDT and everything you need to know. Remember to share.

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