Bull Network: E-learning and Wealth Creation Platform

Bull network is an E-learning and consultant platform for entrepreneurship and cryptocurrency.

Bull Network: E-learning and Wealth Creation Platform

We’re focused in bringing about awareness, and adoption of cryptocurrency and entrepreneurship in the Africa region. And as well offer services and support for projects, businesses and startup’s.

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BullNetwork Founder

The organization was founded and Launched by JohnMiracle Ejikeme in November 2nd, 2020, Bull Network is an which aims at building wealth through blockchain technology.

The organization wants to provide the opportunity for financial freedom, and education of what and how to utilize blockchain, defi, cryptocurrency , and forex.

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Our goals is to build the community, that will be able to house reputable projects, and by so doing, we offer education, funds, opportunity and support to our community

We have our native token BMOT that serve as utility token to the bull network ecosystem, you can read more about BMOT here

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How To Make Money With Bull Network Community

Here’s an overview of what goes on the the establishment

1. Register

You can join the Bull Network Community by enrolling.

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To register, you’d need to pay a one time fee of just ₦3000.

2. Start Your Crypto Life

When you’ve successfully joined the Bull Network Community, you will have the opportunity of getting the best books and resources on Crypto, Forex and Blockchain Technology.

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3. Learn To Trade

There are many educational courses on the Bull Community which will help you learn the act of trading like a professional.

4. Get Paid For Activity

You also get paid in real cash and also in bullcoin (BCX) for every activity you perform in the community.

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5. Cashout

The sweetest part, you can withdraw your earnings directly to your bank account or to your bull wallet.

Hope you got value. You can drop your question if you have any, I will follow to it and deliver the best explanation.

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