Canada Student Visa – How To Apply

There is always a high volume of people checking the internet on how they can apply for a Canadian student visa.

Before you can obtain a Canadian student visa, there are a few processes that you need to follow. And these are things that we shall talk about in this article.

Nevertheless, if your studies in Canada aren’t going to exceed six months, you won’t be needing a student visa.

Some intend to apply for Canadian student visas after migrating to Canada. However, this isn’t advisable and can be very stressful. At times, you may have to return to your home country then apply for the student visa afresh.

Also, the Canadian student visa is renewable. Which means if your student visa expires, and you aren’t yet done with your studies, you have the chance to renew it.

If you can get admitted to one of the institutions in Canada, it will make your study permit processing faster. Also, with the study permit, you will be able to work while you are in school in Canada, and you can apply for permanent residence after your studies.

Application Process For Canadian Study Permit

Among the plethora of ways, many European countries have for obtaining their student visa. Canada only has two primary ways to obtain it, which are

  • Online application
  • Paper application

And the most convenient way to obtain your student visa is the online application mode. It’s super easy and fast!

If you need instructions on applying, you can check Citizenship and Immigration Canada, the CIC website. Nevertheless, if you choose to apply via the paper application, bear in mind that it will take a long time before your application gets processed.

A printer and scanner will be needed to upload your debit/credit card online. If you are applying online, you will need to provide soft copies of your documents.

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How To Obtain a Canada Student Visa

The below are things that are needed to obtain a student visa.

Step1: Get acceptance letter: Without getting an acceptance letter from one of the institutions in Canada.

You can start by searching for institutions in Canada and applying for admission online; once you have been admitted, you will be able to proceed with your application.

Step 2: Apply For Visa: Once you have been able to obtain your acceptance letter, the next thing meant for you to do, is to apply for a student visa.

The only option for you to do this is by visiting the CIC website. Alternatively, you can find your way to the Canadian embassy in your home country. Nevertheless, this can be time-consuming.


Step 3: Answer bio-data Questions- After you have commenced your registration on the CIC website, you will be asked to provide answers to questions about yourself. This will be sure to create a personalized checklist.

Step 4: Create a MyCIC account.

The Mystic account will be used to create a personalized checklist for you, and this is where you will as well submit your CIC application.

Step 5: Attend Interview: After you have completed your application, you will be required to attend an interview, and this is where your visa application status will be decided.

After Applying, What Next?

Once you have completed your application and your application has been processed, the next thing is to start preparing for your traveling.

Ensure your documents are kept where you can easily reach them, such as your passport and vital documents, which you will present to the immigration officer.

We wish you the very best as you prepare to process your Canada student visa.

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