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Canadian Rapper, Drake joins the #EndSARS campaign

Canadian Rapper, Drake joins the #EndSARS campaign Movement

Drake joins the #EndSARS campaign
Latest as Canadian Rapper, Drake joins the #EndSARS campaign movement, as the Rapper shared a screenshot of the movement on his Instagram story.

Grace Ladoja had taken to her Instagram to share a schedule for an End Sars protest happening in London today, captioning the post:

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“Tomorrow we stand with our sisters and brother in Nigeria, there is a protest in London at 12pm to #EndSARS and stop police brutality against the youth in Nigeria including these senseless murders.”

“The ask of for police reform and the the leaders acknowledge what is happening in the Nigeria and make changes NOW. I like everyone been stopped countless times by SARS, extorted for money and threatened with arrest.”

Drake joins the #EndSARS campaign

“It’s not fair and needs to stop. We need to show our support even from, it’s going to be a long journey but social media is powerful so let’s keep raising awareness. Enough is enough. Swipe to learn more and please share. Source @missbakare #endsarznow #endpolicebrutality”

Drake then took a screenshot of the post and shared on his Instagram Story.



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