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Checkout 14 Rules Of Football When We Were Kids

Checkout 14 Rules Of Football When We Were Kids

Below are interesting and funny 14 rules of football when we were Kids.

1. The fat kid was always the goalkeeper. 🤪

2. The owner of the ball decides who plays. 😇

14 Rules Of Football When We Were Kids


3. The one who is not picked was responsible to fetch the ball when it got out of play in order to play the next game. 🤭

4. When the owner of the ball got annoyed, it’s game over. 😏

5. When you hit your toes against a stone and you noticed blood, you quickly cover the area of injury with sand as a form of first aid and play continues. 😉

6. You can’t dribble the owner of the ball too much, this may lead him to stop the game by taking away his ball. 😀

7. No offsides and there was no referee.

8. There is foul only if you fell and plenty of dust arise. 🤣

9. The two best players can not play in the same team, so they challenge themselves and pick others. ⚽

10. If you are chosen last it means you are not good and you will remain in defense. 🤭

11. The best player is always in the same team with the owner of the ball. 😂

12. To distinguish the two teams, one of the teams pulls off their shirts. 👕
13.There is always a house which when the ball fell in there, we knew game is over. So be careful!! ❌

14. Game will only be over when it is dark and we could barely see the ball. 😳

*Then, we all disperse in groups teasing one another until we get home to face another punishment by our parents.*

The above are 14 rules of football when were kids back in Africa. Kai I really enjoyed my childhood. If you are not one of us as described above, you belong to the indomie generation

Keep fit and remain blessed.

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