Checkout 5 Problems Nigeria Youths are Facing

  • Problems Nigeria Youths are Facing

According to recent research, Nigeria is a blessed nation, unfortunately not everyone sees it. Although I agree that many factors can predispose one to either being a success or a failure. Here are list of problems Nigeria youths are facing.

So in my little years on earth I’ve found out that these few problems constitutes reasons why many youths do not excel.

1. Financial Home training

They say charity begins at home. Most parents rarely teach their kids financial education. Many parents have through the course of their lives made financial mistakes that made them failures. In as much the world now moves in a fast pace dynamic way. Most poor parents rarely inculcate financial discipline and intelligence to their kids. They still believe that academic excellence is the best way to riches.

2. Misplaced Priorities

Most Nigerian youths today have lost it. A typical Nigerian youth spends more time socialising, partying, Instagramming, WhatsApping. Thereby wasting precious time that he or she would have used to think about his or her future.

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3. Laziness

Most youths are looking for juicy jobs. The truth is in this age and time, you can’t find juicy jobs any more. One of the great secret to wealth is trading. Just buy starting a business on a fast moving consumer goods in a busy location is a sure banker on acquiring riches. Most wealth Nìgerians made it from idumota, alaba and onitsha.

4. Instant Gratification

The things we desire to have as a youth never goes out of fashion. Things like clothes, sex, technology, housing e.t.c.
For example, a young guy who leaves nysc to get good paying job is already thinking on how to move to a nice apartment, furnish it to standard, get the latest cars and phone without considering the bigger picture. The day he loses his job or adds more expenses to his life he runs into problem.

5. Looking at the bigger picture

Most youths don’t see beyond their nose. They are just about now and today. Rarely thinking about the future and what it holds.
We are all created to serve God and people. And when you serve people, you get something for yourself too.

The aboves are list of problems Nigeria youths are facing and in our next article we are going to discuss the solutions to this problems.

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