Checkout Those 6 Bad Habits That Are Common Among Nigerians

Bad Habits

We all have bad habits that we exhibit and try to stop. We stop doing some and we also find it difficult to quit some other habits.

However, irrespective of our class, age or position there are some Bad Habits majority of we Nigerians are Guilty of.

Below are 6 bad habits many Nigerians commonly have

1. Using broom as Toothpick

Many of us are fond of using broom as toothpick forgetting that the broom might have carried some dirt or germs while using it to sweep.

2. Screaming Up Nepa when there’s light

Hardly will you see a Nigerian who isn’t doing this or hasn’t done this before. The moment there’s power restoration, we involuntarily jump for joy and scream “Up Nepa” while we rush to charge our phones, watch television and do other things. I’ve done this several times.

Say hi if you are fond of doing this too.

3. Cursing Nepa when there’s Power Outage

As joyous as we used to be when there’s light, The moment Nepa Switches off the light in our Area we rain curses on them forgetting that they also have families too. This is not good enough

4. Farting in public

5. Urinating in public

6. Flashing/Drop calls

The above are those comm bad habits Nigerians can’t stop. They are experts when it comes to flashing people. You’ll never get to pick their call before they hang up.

I know you have a thing or two that you do in this habits listed above. Let’s hear what you like doing.

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