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Checkout 6 Crypto currencies Under $2 That Could Be The Next Bitcoin

Checkout 6 Crypto currencies Under $2 That Could Be The Next Bitcoin

6 Cryptocurrencies Under $2

Another great eye opening opportunity is here, we all should remember that Bitcoin has moved up so far from $28,972 to $57,732 up within December 2020 to May 2021. It was so fast that anyone starting to invest in crypto currencies is more or less forced to look at alternative plays. So here are 6 crypto currencies Under $2 that could be the next bitcoin.

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According to statistics many investors are considering other crypto currencies that might offer better upside and a cheaper absolute price.


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What are these 6 crypto currencies like ?

We’ll look for alternative coins that have lower absolute prices than these top two crypto currencies. These alternative picks might provide the same meteoric upside both Bitcoin and Ethereum have had over their lifespan.

Here are 6 Crypto currencies Under $2 You Need To Invest On

Let’s us take a good into this crypto currencies below.

1. Dogecoin: was originally created as a joke to mimic the rise of Bitcoin, but it has since taken on a life of its own. I wrote about its phenomenal rise recently in InvestorPlace, and about those saying the joke is over.

Moreover, Dogecoin has a slightly inflationary token supply structure. This is because the token issues just 5 billion new Dogecoin each year. With a present total of 128 billion Dogecoin, that means the average annual increase is 3.90%. But each year this percentage increase declines as the base denominator rises.

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2. Ripple: created in 2012, is tainted by lawsuits from both the SEC and private investors. In January, Coinbase delisted Ripple from its exchange. However, some other exchanges still allow trading in Ripple.

If you are willing to overlook the SEC issues (numerous and described in my recent article), Ripple might eventually succeed. Ripple wants to be a real-time payment settlement system with no chargebacks. The problem is there are a number of other crypto currencies in this space as well.

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3. Cardano: is a platform with a different blockchain validation system than Bitcoin or Ethereum. Those blockchains use mining and a proof-of-work reward system for miners. Cardano’s system, called Ouroboros, is based on a proof-of-stake validation.

4. VeChain: A number of large enterprises are now using VeChain, to track their inventory.

One such company based in Norway, DNV, tracks commercial cargo vessels and their cargo items. According to Seeking Alpha, it was an early adopter of blockchain technology to track this inventory.

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5. Stellar Lumens: is a blockchain protocol for payments systems. It wants to ease money transfers around the world. In 2017 Stellar Lumens started working with the government of Ukraine. They are in discussions to develop a national digital currency. This will be a signature event for Stellar Lumens if this gets off the ground.

6. Tron: is an operating system based on a blockchain with an independent peer-to-peer network. The Tron Foundation originally raised $70 million in an initial coin offering in China. Since then the TRX-USD crypto, called Tronix, has risen to nearly $10 billion in market value.

The above Coins are those 6 crypto currencies under $2 you shouldn’t miss to acquire now.

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