Checkout Important News For MSME Survival Fund Applicants

MSME Survival Fund Applicants

Welcome to MSME daily update brought to you by 6methodblog. Here is another vital information for MSNE beneficiaries or those among the MSME Applicants.

This important update is for you read details below

The Federal Government through their agency has urged verified applicants of the MSME Survival Fund who haven’t gotten his/her payment to be patient as the payment continues.

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So if you are verified and haven’t been paid yet, the good news is that the payment is still on, Keep checking your account regularly.

The Federal Government has stated through one of their agency that payment of the MSME Survival Fund will begin payment of the remaining Batch on Monday 17th, 2021.

The portal is now open both for those registering for the first time and also for those that were not able to complete their registration.

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