Checkout Late Dora Akunyili Prophecy On Corruption In Nigeria and Only Way Forward

Dora Akunyili Prophecy

Even with the Nigeria current situation there are quite few number of upright politicians in the history of Nigeria. checkout late Dora Akunyili Prophecy on corruption in Nigeria and best way to tackle impurity.

Fortunately, one of the outstanding politician who refused to get caught up in the greed and institutionalised corruption of the Nigerian system is Dr. Dora Akunyili, the former director general of the Nigerian food and drugs agency (NAFDAC).

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Unlike the greedy Diezania Madueke, Dr. Dora Akunyili lived a very upright life before her unfortunate death. Having held the United State green card for several years, Dora Akunyili refused to take on American citizenship due to her passion for fighting for Nigeria.

Unfortunately, like many who stood against the system before her, death got to her, but her legacy will forever live in the lives of well meaning Nigerians, unlike that of lying, cheating politicians like Diezani Madueke, Stella Oduah or Patience Joanthan.

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