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Checkout Pictures of Erica Selling Roasted Fish

Checkout Pictures of Erica Selling Roasted Fish

Erica Selling Roasted Fish

I share with you in this article picture of Erica with roasted fishes that got people talking on social media. See pictures of erica selling roasted fish below.

Erica was pictured sitting on the floor while basket of fish was in front of her. She looks more like she is on a movie set acting one of the scenes.

Some of the fans that reacted to this are of the opinion when a pretty lady sits like this to sell something for you I’m sure the soup is already sweet. Another fan wrote from star girl to fish girl my baby is always peppering their necks.


Erica the fish girl will likely be the title of the movie- A fan wrote.

Another set are of the opinion if you go to market and you see beautiful girl like this selling fish men will always collect list to go to market.

See the pictures below and share your thought about this picture via the comment box.

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