Checkout The Origin Of E Choke By Davido

 E Choke

Popular singer Davido was born Rich, he with his daddy’s money was trying to explore his talents with the other guys, my dear E choke ooo ooo, when you have observed how greedy guys are towards money.

Maybe you haven’t known, the whole world worship money.

Mammon is their King, and so the sharing formula and the hidden things you must undergo to attain their privileges are burdensome and E really CHOKE

Their religion choke.

But can I tell you all something? There’s a higher life, a free life, a supernatural which never CHOKE.

The truth is, King Solomon also observed the same thing, vanity upon vanity, but he’d be wiser if he could observe that everything is NEW NOW. Tell David what I said to him, please tell him this, he needs to be free immediately.

It was the reigning truth in the days of old, but not anymore people. Wake up people, your light is here, wake up people!

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