Checkout What Rev. Fr. Mbaka Told President Buhari Over Nigeria Current Situation

What Rev. Fr. Mbaka Told President Buhari

The Spiritual Director of Adoration Ministry, Enugu, Nigeria (AMEN), Fr. Ejike Mbaka blast Buhari again. Checkout what Rev. Fr. Mbaka Told President Buhari over Nigeria current situation and how he let everything fall apart.

While ministering on Sunday at the Adoration Arena in Emene, Enugu, Father Mbaka said President Buhari whom he believed in as the country’s ‘messiah’ has encircled himself with criminals and hooligans who feeds him magnified lies.

The fiery cleric also accused security operatives in Enugu of killing and dumping several bodies of some #EndSARS protesters into the Onyeama valleys.

He also alleged that man youths are detained in various prisons across the country, arguing that Nigerian leaders should have been in such custody and not Biafra boys.

Here Is What Rev. Fr. Mbaka Told President Buhari

Speaking during the 2020 All Saints Day Holy Mass at Adoration ground and entitled “Impure Heart”, Father Mbaka said:


“Buhari, who could have been a solution to this (Nigeria’s problem), succeeded in encircling himself with criminals and hooligans, people who do not just tell him lies, but rather, they magnify lies – lies with NAFDAC number – and feed him!”

“This is not about #EndSARS or IPOB. Nobody is fighting any government, we are fighting bad governance. “This country can never be the same again!

“Few days ago, at Miliken Hill, after New Market, (in Enugu), people discovered copses of those that were shot and killed during the recent protest.

“They dumped people’s corpses there while families of those young men and women continued searching for them.

“That is why I am telling you that Nigeria can never be the same again. Whether you choose to misunderstand me or not is not my worry; that is your headache.

“Did you expect these young men to keep watching the country being swindled and looted dry by the so-called leaders?

“Some of the young men, who are now fast getting old, had started working for the criminals in authority, hooligans in power, since they were very young.

“I know that by the time some of the leaders listen to this message, they will begin to attack Fr Mbaka. But that is their headache, not mine. One day, enough will be enough. Look at crime upon crime.

“The people that you have not given jobs, you have not given food, you have not given security, housing, power; and they have no food to eat nor water to drink; no quality hospital and no good roads, among others, and they had endured all the while.

“Just one day that they came out to say they are not happy, you began to kill them. And after killing them, you carry their corpses and dump inside rivers and valleys? Nigeria can never be the same again!

“The worst thing is that those hooligans in power think that the world is their home. They have acquired houses and other possessions in Abuja and other areas within and outside the country, with our wealth, but they cannot be wise to build good industries to provide jobs for our growing youths. That is my worry.

“We are celebrating the All Saints Day today. When we talk about the Saints, the contrast becomes the living, we who are still on earth.

“How are we preparing to go there? What seed are you planting? It is a botanical impossibility that you would plant maize and harvest yam.

“Our leaders seem to be reaping the seeds that they had planted o. When somebody that you had not given job comes out to say that he is hungry and angry, it was you that attracted such protest, in the first place. Do you know how many youths that have died due to hunger?”

Mabaka went further to say that the “living government needs to apologize, and they should also apologize for the errors of past governments.”

“The President will die one day, Senators will die, governors will die whether they have 1 million security (details) and sirens or not,”

he added.



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