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China Restores Lockdown in Beijing

Breaking news as China Restores Lockdown in Beijing Towns

China Restores Lockdown in Beijing

Panic in Asia as China Restores Lockdown in Beijing the state capital after outbreak of covid-19 hits some parts of Beijing, this lockdown also includes travel restrictions in the city over the wake of a new outbreak of coronavirus cases as people fear the beginning of a new wave in the country.

On Tuesday, June 16, some unnamed city medical officials said that the present Covid-19 cases in Beijing are “extremely severe”, Daily Mail reports. It should be noted that China heavily brought coronavirus under control as it carried out massive testing earlier in the year.

China is now faced with the dilemma of combatting the new virus or keeping its economy open. The media noted that countries like New Zealand are in the same situation. The new cases in Beijing have risen to 106 as authorities put more than 30 communities in the city on lockdown. According to officials, the new outbreak is linked to a very popular food wholesale market called Xinfadi.


Beijing Health authorities confirmed that some new patients had recently arrived from the United Kingdom.

It was gathered that Covid-19 restrictions in the country had been relaxed to a total Level 1 after what was believed to be the last patient recovered from the virus. And everyone is back to their day to day business activities.

News also reports that an American nurse with the Twitter name Cherie Antoinette has said that in her eight years as a qualified medical staff, that coronavirus “is the worst disease” she has come across. The nurse also said whenever they tell patients they have recovered, they do not inform them of the health complications they may battle with in the future as a result of the disease. Cherie hinted that health issues that may occur will be a lung transplant, massive heart attack, or stroke and other dangerous health challenges.

The nurse said that another possible issue they do not tell recovered patients is that they may have to depend on oxygen to live the rest of their life.


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