Customizing and Tagging Pins On Pinterest: Another Traffic Secret In Blogging

Customizing and Tagging Pins On Pinterest

There are some tricks that can enhance your pins or add to their functionality on Pinterest. Let’s discuss customizing and tagging pins on pinterest and everything you need to know about it.

On Pinterest, you can use Hashtags similar to those found on Twitter, you can tag members’ names in pin descriptions, and you can add a price tag ribbon that will appear in the top-left corner of a pin.

Tricks About Customizing and Tagging Pins On Pinterest

Using hashtags

A hashtag is a way of tagging a term so that the term becomes clickable (this means that when you see a hashtag, you can click on it). You do this by adding a # at the beginning of a word, such as #pinterest.

Hashtags are popular on Twitter and are also used now on the newer google+ to help filter social media updates.

On Pinterest, you can use a hashtag in a pin description. The main difference between a Pinterest hashtag and a hashtag on another social networking site is that clicking a Pinterest hashtag doesn’t give you results that also have that hashtag. What it does is conduct a search for that word after the # symbol.

To view results for the search term when you see it in a pin description, click any word that starts with a #. Clicking the hashtag takes you to the search results for that word.

If you use a hashtag, it should be something that people would want to search for or be a popular word or term.

Hope this tricks will solve your traffic challenges as a blogger, stay close for more updates.

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