Full Details of heart broken Kiddwaya dairy session today

Details of heart broken Kiddwaya dairy session

As they say you can’t value someone until you love them, see full details of heart broken and emotional Kiddwaya dairy session today after Erica disqualification last night.

Kiddwaya dairy session

Diary session
Kiddwaya to biggie:  I’m really down right now Cos Erica has left. I wanna put it behind my back Cos I wanna do so well for myself and her. I’m relieved I’m here and I’m trying hard not to break any rules. I’m grateful to be here

Kiddwaya to biggie. : I feel like a part of me is gone but I’m not the type of guy to show it and let people know I’m broken

Kiddwaya to biggie: I don’t wanna talk about Erica Cos my heart will break. She wasn’t supposed to go this way. She was one of the most ambitious woman I’ve ever met in my life. She had big dreams and we spoke a lot about doing things together

Kiddwaya: nothing is gonna knock her down. I know she’s a strong girl. Yes she’s a softie and girly but I know she’s gonna bounce back. Erica if you’re seeing this, just know that I’m gonna be seeing you soon . We’ve been so comfy around each other

Biggie to kidd: is there anything you want me to do?

Kiddwaya: Can you bring Erica back?

Biggie: you already know the answer to that que

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