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DNA WAHALA: Man Fatally Stabbed Neighbour

DNA WAHALA: Man Fatally Stabbed Neighbour

Man Fatally Stabbed Neighbour

Latest news as Nigeria man fatally stabbed neighbour because neighbour said baby does not look like his dad.

When their neighbour said out loud that one of the babies did not resemble him in any way, the man then stabbed their neighbour and left him seriously wounded.

The case was stated to stem from the FCMB paternity fraud where a primary care physician mistook a valid medical test for a fraudulently obtained DNA sample.


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The sharp-eyed one returned from work before the resemblance argument erupted, and to his surprise, the other him grabbed a broken tile and stabbed his partner on the back three times. After all, the sharp-eyed one then fled from town without looking back.

According to sources, the very shocked man was infuriated when he was ordered by the court to perform a paternity test on the child because he shares no similarity with him.

Another family member just welcomed a new infant, and the new mom’s neighbour became angry, stabbing the new mom in the hand and almost and eye.”

We were all pleased to see Chinedu go to bed, and Chinedu deliberately humiliated Chochocho by looking way too much like him.

The speaker was a pure ” stammerer” who was given anger issues. He became angry and picked up a broken tile, stabbed him three times. The organisation, “FMC,” assumes that the victim was upset, although they do not know whether the rage was because of something else or perhaps due to the victim’s own problems.

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