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Donald Trump Campaign Manager Tests Positive For COVID-19

Just In: Donald Trump Campaign Manager Tests Positive For COVID-19

Donald Trump Campaign Manager

Latest as President Donald Trump Campaign Manager, Bill Stepien has tested positive for Coronavirus.

Stepien’s result came in on Friday night after Trump and his wife had tested positive earlier in the day.

The campaign manager travelled to Cleveland with the President and his team on Tuesday for the first presidential debate and was seen in close proximity to Hope Hicks, the President’s top aide, who also tested positive.


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He is experiencing mild flu-like symptoms and will work from home until he recovers.

Stepien who became Trump campaign manager in July when Trump replaced formal Manager Brad Parscale, who had been serving in that role with him on the same day that two national polls showed that the President was trailing then-presumptive Democratic nominee Joe Biden by double digits, CNN reports.


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