Download What Best Friends Do – Jeiel Damina ft Lyta X Picazo

"What Best Friends Do" – Jeile Damina

Download latest Nigeria hit “What Best Friends Do” – Jeiel Damina ft Lyta x Picazo. A Soundtrack from Best Friends In The World award winning movie series.

A movie Series Produced by Jeiel Damina, 18 years old Kaduna born actress, singer, writer and producer.

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The song What Best Friends Do ft Lyta X Picazo is a soundtrack from the Best Friends In The World Web Series produced by Neptune3 Studios. The song talks about how best friends do – how they treat each other.

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Best Friends In the World, An interesting web series popped up on our radar recently and trust us, it’s a great watch. It was first introduced to the web in 2018 when the first episode was released on YouTube.

The best friend in the world movie featured a lot of upcoming stars with a mix of Nollywood star in the movie.

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