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DYDY Token Airdrop – Confirmed Legit Airdrop worth $400

How to Claim DYDY Airdrop

Welcome to 6method airdrop hub, here is another legit airdrop worth $400. Learn how to claim 70 DYDY Token airdrop by doing a simple task.

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What is DYDY?

Dydy is just related to DYDX which is a governance token that allows the dYdX community to truly govern Protocol. By enabling shared control of the protocol, DYDX allows traders, liquidity providers, and partners of dYdX to work collectively towards an enhanced Protocol.


How to Claim DYDY Token Airdrop

To receive the airdrop in advance, please enter the telegram group for review and provide a screenshot of the promotion to the administrator.

Each user is limited to receive one address Copy and share your refer link, you and the invitee will be rewarded 1 dYdY at the same time, each person can invite up to 20 people, and the reward can be up to 20 dYdY.

Click in this link below:

Total supply is ONLY 1 million

Airdrop Claim: 1 DYDY

Referral Bonus: 1 DYDY

Listing price 1 DYDY = 100 USDT 🚀🚀🚀.

DYDY Token Contract address:


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Dydy token airdrop and contract address

Go to Airdrop and submit your Binance Smart Chain address from Trust Wallet or Metamask

Then join their telegram community, that is all. You don’t have to miss this DYDY token airdrop.

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