“Exposed” See Why Sheikh Gumi Has Not Been Arrested

Sheikh Gumi

Another important secret about Sheikh Gumi revealed as Ex Director of the Department of State Service, Mike Ejiofor, on Wednesday revealed why the secret police have not arrested Islamic cleric, Ahmad Gumi.

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why Gumi Has Not Been Arrested

Ejiofor in an interview said,

“If you go and arrest him, you are going to provoke his supporters or the people he is working for and if you don’t arrest him, people will say why has he not been arrested as other people who acted, in the same manner, have been arrested? So, it becomes a very dicey situation that needs to be handled with care.”

Ejiofor condemned the cleric for openly asking the federal government to pay the N100m ransom demanded by the kidnappers of Greenfield University, Kaduna.

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Gumi while calling on the government to pay the ransom said, “The money they are asking for is too much; if I give you that money, you cannot run away with it. Nobody can run. So, why not give them the money, they release the boys and then we pursue them and get our money back and do what is necessary; it is simple logic. So, bring the money from the central bank. How can they move that money? We should not be stupid,” the cleric said.

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