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How To Find High-paying Clients On LinkedIn

Have you ever wondered how do I clients on LinkedIn? For those of us who wish to make money online using the LinkedIn App. In this article, I will teach you how to find high-paying clients on LinkedIn with practical strategies to land your first $550 job on LinkedIn.

How To Find High-paying Clients On Linkedin

What is LinkedIn?

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LinkedInLinkedIn is a social media platform where you can be employed by offering online services, it operates via a mobile app and websites, what happens in this app is that employers post JOBS, and job seekers post their CVS.


As a freelancer, using LinkedIn is very useful for your freelancing career, if you read this write-up to the end you’d discover the ultimate secret of using LinkedIn to get clients that will empty their wallets just patronizes your service.

Let me ask you a question, do you know that LinkedIn profiles tend to show up high in search results?

You see you have an advantage of using LinkedIn in your freelancing career because when a potential client googles your services your profile tends to show up in the search results.

This is a secret, my friend apart from searching for whom to hire most clients have LinkedIn profiles they use to monitor people whom they might hire.

If you remember, when I defined what LinkedIn is I mentioned that employers (potential clients) have LinkedIn profiles they use in posting jobs right?

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So you see, you have a possibility of getting patronised so what you have to do is to keep your LinkedIn profiles up to date, how do you do that?

Strategies To Find High-paying Clients On Linkedin

  • Add a summary of your most important skills and achievements.
  • Keep your experiences and skills updated.
  • You do this by adding relevant work of yours in the LinkedIn work samples area.
  • Add recommendations from former people you worked for. Having more connections can go a long way to increase your visibility.

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Ultimately your success on LinkedIn will depend on your dedication each day to following the process laid out here.

Hope you got value, remember to share with others.

The above strategies on how to find high-paying clients on LinkedIn can make you close to $600 monthly when implemented.

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