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FinXpire Affiliate Platform | Earn 50% commission | Make $100 dollars weekly

Making money online is the best way to start your 2023 journey through affiliate programs with a higher commission rate.

When I said, make $100 weekly, I am only trying not to crack your brain because I know you can make it in a day or even more.  I tell you what I have done before and I’m also doing it now with Finxpire affiliate platform. 

FinXpire Affiliate Platform

What is FinXpire? is an affiliate marketing platform where high-quality digital products are listed and we as affiliates sell the products and earn commissions from them. And the good thing is that you don’t have to create these products by yourself. 


Just like other affiliate platforms like Expertnaire, Digitstem, Stakecut, Selar, and many others. FinXpire is one of its kind and is for Africans as a whole. 

How does FinXpire work and the Benefits of FinXpire? 

1. No restriction. Is open to other African countries.

2. List in-demand high-quality products. 

3. They pay your commission in Dollar

4. The registration Fee is way lesser. 

5. Weekly Payouts to Affiliates on Monday.

6. Sales commission ranges from 50% and above.

7. Instant Account & Course Activation so you start learning and implementing immediately 100%.

8. Learning different high-income skills to Sell through the Affiliate Money Mastery Program for your first $1000 in 90 days.  

9. Access to winning challenges like cash prize e phones even as a newbie, there is a price for you when you put in the work and make sales. I am a beneficiary of a Redmi Note 10 phone on hitting a target in affiliate marketing.

10. Direct Access to Founders’ support and my Mentorship.

When does pay and How to withdraw from FinXpire?

1. Finxpire  as a platform pays her affiliates on Monday 

2. Every commission you get in a week for selling products will be paid into your bank on Monday of that week. 

3. You can get paid in dollars if you have a dollar account. Or convert to naira and get your pay.

I don’t have a dollar bank account, can I get paid? 

Yes, you can get paid in your local banks just like mine in the screenshot below: 

withdraw on FinXpire

How to register on FinXpire Affiliate Program 

This is where the Affiliate Money Mastery Program comes in. Is a step-by-step program to help you move from $0-$1000 in 90 days on FinXpire. Which gives you 1-year FREE access to the platform as an affiliate.

In the course, you have access to skills like: 

  • Affiliate marketing 
  • Mindset Programming
  • How to run Facebook ads
  • How to run Instagram ads 
  • Email Marketing 
  • Whatsapp Marketing 
  • Copywriting skill
  • Sales Closing 
  • Audience Building using free traffic 
  • Whatsapp Automation 
  • Content creation 
  • Graphic Design

You get this AMM course with all these skills at only N15,000 today 

Here are some Bonuses for You and a discount of 2,500 when you take advantage today from me:

  1. Access To FinXpire Cloud-Based WhatsApp Automation Tool worth N20,000
  1. 60 days of free access to Finxmail Markemarketingware worth N20,000
  1. A Full Stack Digital Marketing Course Worth N50,000.

Total Bonuses Value Worth N90,000 but which means you get all these at only N12,500 today, You won’t get these somewhere else.

FinXpire Founder

The program was founded by two Nigerian Tech and marketing gurus Samson Olaleye and Abiodun Ayobami. Check out their photos below.

Abiodun Ayobami

Samson Olaleye

As the name implies, FinXpire is designed to inspire and help you generate massive income and take your finances to the next level. To get started click on Finxpire signup to register. Please don’t allow this opportunity to go, share with others.  

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