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Welcome to FOREX FURY BOT review and Analysis. As we all know, the Dollar-Yen Pair has a gain of 96 %, with a drawdown of 10.29 %. For this summary, they had 456 total trades and won 100 % in all their trades, which means they have a 0 % loss.

Best 2021 Forex Fury Review

The results are promising and it makes me encouraged to do more trading using this robot.. You’ll notice that the results are in & quote, profit & quote, and no & quot loss & quote. From April.

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They had a drawdown of 1.34 % and on December 3, 0.27 %. The gain for Dollar-Swiss Franc is 99.97 % much higher. Compared to the last one. The data was last March 2020 to the recent month December 02, 2020.

Their total trades is 503 and they won by 98 %, with a loss of 2 %, They traded last December 01, 2020, which shows a profit stream of 0.11 % on average, but last November 2020 they had a loss of 0.02 %.

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If you are going to compare the two, the winning stream is much higher than the losing stream. They have a deposit amount of $ 25,000 and gained a profit in 9 months of 99.97 % For the GBPUSD pair.

The gain was 723.39 %, which is very high, but the trade happened last July 2019 up to the recent month December 2020. For more than a year, they were able to have a high percentage of gain with only a drawdown of 17.

77 % For the summary they had total trades of 2012, with a winning percentage of 99 % and a loss of 1 %. The results are great when you use this bot., As you can see in the monthly analytics in January 2020, they had a gain of 11.

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54 % was the same as February, but March 2020 was higher than the previous, which is 59.79 % decrease in the succeeding months. To 2.7 %, but in November 2020 they had a loss percentage of 6.84 % for those using FOREX FURY BOT.

How Does Fury EA Trade works

Once the software is installed on your trading account, it will monitor the markets. Once trades are available, the robot will make trades automatically and then close those trades automatically based on the parameters.

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You can intervene manually, but there is no need to intervene as the software is fully automated. The forex trading robot enters trading relatively quickly, although this depends on market conditions and how many accounts you manage.

You should expect to see the currency robot for currency trading choose around 0 to 7 trades a day. The government accounts in the Forex Fury book also show relevant metrics about the trades made.

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Is Forex Fury Trading Robot Profitable?

We can’t determine this, but so far we’ve seen positive feedback from potential customers who have used the marketing robot. A little common sense can also be applied to the robot, maximizing it to ensure profitability. The team says the robot should grow 10% to 20% per month.


Ultimately this depends on market conditions and the results of past trades do not guarantee future profits.

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Is Forex Fury Free?

Of course not. The Forex Fury trading robot comes with a fee for taking ownership of it. The Forex Fury team offers several plans for buying robots, which are gold and diamond. The two plans have a significant difference between them.

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