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Fruits And Vegetables That will improve your liver

Fruits and Vegetables that will improve your liver

Liver is one of the functional part of the body. It helps to neutralize toxic substances in the body.

Here are Fruits and vegetables that will improve your liver


Green tea

This liver loving beverage is high in plant antioxidant know as catechins which are helpful for the liver’s overall proper function. Take green tea also as a means of increasing your body’s antioxidant stores.

Avocado and Apples

According to recent studies which shows that there is improved liver health when avocados are eaten regularly. Phloretin which is found both in pears, avocados and apples can inhibit liver cancer cells. Apple also contains pectin which binds and removes heavy metals ( toxins) in the colon.




This fruit works great for liver disorders. It also reduces the inflammation of the urethra and thus, can lower symptoms like painful urination, and is very good in managing and preventing prostate cancer; men are therefore advised to take this fruit regularly. Soursop tea is used to treat gallbladder ( where bile is stored ) diseases. The extract obtained from the leaves and stems is used to effectively fight cancer cells, Boiling and drinking the leaves can help one to sleep well, especially for those suffering from sleeplessness. Soursop also have antidiarrheal properties. Soursop fruit contains antimicrobial properties against fungi, bacteria and intestine parasites. It can also be useful in treating cough.
Therefore eat soursop regularly for healthy liver and general wellbeing of the system.

Black pawpaw seeds

The pawpaw fruit is known to have good nutritive and antioxidant properties. Because of the presence of carotene, it has some anti-cancer properties and encourages digestion. In addition, the seeds have antiparasitic properties because of its contents.
They expel worms, kill bacteria and amoebas from the body. In a study done on Nigeria children with intestinal parasites, 76.7% of the children were parasite free after 7 days of treatment with papaya seeds compared to only 16.7% of the children who received a placebo. Unripe paw paw is known to contain high level of La-arginine known as an amino acid that builds up nitric oxide, a powerful vasodilator in the body


Cabbage contain a lot of chemicals that neutralize certain toxin such as nitrosamines usually found in cigarette and aflatoxin found in peanuts. They help to reduce the risk of cancer to the liver and other organs of the body.
Cabbage in particular has one of the highest vitamin counts including vitamin E and C. It has a mild laxative and regulating effect on intestinal transit because of its cellulose fiber content. It can also act as antibiotic, helping rebalance the bacterial flora.

Garlic and Onions

Garlic activates livers enzymes that helps to remove toxins from the liver. It contains a sulphur based compound and selenium which are natural liver cleansers. Garlic also increases the antioxidant levels of the liver. Onions is also very good for the liver. Both also have some antibiotic properties, especially the garlic. They can reduce the thickness of blood and also help remove clogs in the arteries, all to the health of the cardiovascular system. Always consume good quantities of these products and whenever possible take them raw or at least partially cooked for maximum benefits.


Not only are they good for the liver, they are also beneficial to the bladder, heart, and the kidneys. Watermelon high water content helps in waste and toxins removal. Their seeds have some healing properties because of their high content of magnesium, the seeds can be useful for proper heart contraction especially in people with heart disease


They are high in glutathione a powerful liver antioxidant, omega 3 fatty acids and amino acid .
Walnuts are heart friendly and should be included regularly in the diets of those at risk of heart attack. Bitter cola also has a good store of antioxidants, and it also has some antimicrobial properties.

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