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Grand Time Airdrop: How To Claim 500 Grands To Your Wallet

Grand Time Airdrop: How To Claim 500 Grands To Your Wallet

Welcome to 6method crypto hub. As we all know, airdrop is the only legit way to get free money on cryptocurrency. Here is another great opportunity to claim free 500 Grand Time airdrop with just performing a simple task.

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What is Grand Time?

Grand Time is a multifunctional, decentralized, community-driven cryptographic ecosystem designed with a clear vision in mind to break the myth that blockchain and encryption technology are too complex for everyday use and introduce as many new people as possible to the crypto community.


Due to its simplicity and accessibility, the project aims to bring cryptocurrency and blockchain into the mainstream.

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Grand Time releases 500 GRAND for users who sign up and perform simple social tasks. Create a Grand Time account, complete simple social tasks and submit your data to the bot to receive rewards. A total of 33 participants will also be selected to win up to 20,000 BIG.

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How to Claim 500 Grands Time Free

Follow the bot’s instructions to complete the simple task to get Grand time airdrop.

Step by step guide:

1. Chat with this Telegram bot.

2. Join the Telegram group and post.

3. Follow them on Twitter and retweet any tweets.

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4. Like this YouTube video and subscribe to their channel.

5. Follow and like your Facebook page.

6. Follow them on Instagram and like the latest post.

7. Create a Grand Time account.

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8. Submit your details to the bot.

Grand Time Airdrop: How To Claim 500 Grands To Your Wallet

9. You will receive 500 BIG.

Hope you got value?

Please remember to share and help others build wealth with this wonderful 500 grand time airdrop.

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