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GRANDPA DOGE LAUNCHED: How To Claim Grandpa Airdrop

GRANDPA DOGE LAUNCHED TODAY: How To Claim 200,000 Airdrop Free

Hello guys, welcome to 6method Grandpa Doge launching ceremony and Token analysis . As the token will be launched today Saturday 18th, September 2021.

Check out everything you need to know about grandpa token, how to claim airdrop and contract address.

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What Is Grandpa Token?

Grandpa token is one of the oldest member of the Doge family, but also the wisest, is a project based on memes. The token is deflated, with a rate of 12.5%, of which 8% goes directly to liquidity, 4% to reflection holders and 0.5% to the group’s marketing portfolio.

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The project also includes anti-spill and anti-whale mechanisms, with a 1.5% maximum supply transaction and a 2.5% maximum portfolio limit. With these tokenomics, this token is here to compete with the rest of the family!

GRANDPA DOGE contract address : How To Claim 200,000 Airdrop Free

How to claim GRANDPA Doge Airdrop

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  • Step 1: Register using the Invitation Link found below.
  • Step 2: Join GRANDPA Telegram Channel. As you register and join the Telegram channel, you will receive 10 GRANDPA and If you refer you’ll get bonus of 10 GRANDPA.
  • Step 3 Get GRANDPA airdropped during launch on 18th September

Grandpa Doge Contract Address


Hope this article solved and answered your queries about grandpa doge. Remember to share with your friends.

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