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Health Benefits of African Oha leaves


Oha leaves are the leaves from the evergreen tree in Africa known with African Rosewood leave as English name. The plant that botanically known as Pterocarpus mildraedii.Ora leaves are commonly known as Oha leaves in most parts of Nigeria . with Botanical name : pterocarpus mildraedii.

Oha leaf is called a medicinal tree in Nigeria that retains its green leaves throughout the year. It contains many nutrients such as iron calcium, amino acids, iron, potassium, fiber, vitamin A and C, etc
They bring many health benefits for the body unlike many other Native soups how to prepare banga soup this 2020
It is used to make various delicious soup recipes in the southern part of Nigeria. Oha soup is a popular delicious


Help the digestive function

The first ora leaves benefits for health is for digestive function. Ora leaves are great in dietary fiber. It helps to improve the digestive function and absorb the nutrient well.

Prevent constipation

The dietary fiber in Ora leaves has the capability to prevent constipation. This fiber help to digest the food well so the food residue can be pushed out of the body easily.


Controls the blood glucose levels

Ora leaves dietary fiber can absorb and distribute the calorie to be used well in all organs of the body. It will prevent the accumulation of calorie in the blood that can increase the blood glucose level. This is the best diet for the diabetic patients to control their blood glucose at a normal level.

Helps to treat diarrhea effectively

Ora leaves contain zinc mineral which has the mechanism in repairing and protecting the intestinal mucosa. This mechanism will help the intestine can recover quickly so the diarrhea symptom can be stopped faster.

Helps to treat anemia

Ora leaves are rich in an iron mineral that helps to treat anemia. This mineral plays the important role in red blood cell formation to create hemoglobin. This health benefit is supported also by its vitamin C which helps to absorb the iron well.

Boost your immune system

Ora leaves are rich in vitamin C. This is the best vitamin to boost your immune system. It will keep the antibody stay alert to fight the microbial.

Help to fight the free radicals

Ora leaves can fight the free radicals in the body because they contain antioxidant. This substance will prevent your body from any diseases.

Prevent the cancer cell mutation

The antioxidant within Ora leaves can prevent the cancer cell mutation. It can inhibit the tumor growth and spread.

Makes joint healthyand prevent arthritis

Another important health benefits of ora leaves is Ora leaves contain manganese mineral which plays the important role in the cartilage formation and lubricating fluid in the joint. This mineral will prevent the joint diseases such as arthritis.

Helps your heart contract normally

Potassium mineral in Ora leaves is important to maintain the normal contraction of the heart. It will make your heart can contract well and the blood can be pumped to all part of the body effectively.

Helps the bone formation

Ora leaves contain calcium which is important in bone formation. This mineral involves also in the strengthen process of the bone.

Reduce the muscle cramp

Ora leaves have magnesium mineral which acts as a muscle relaxant. This effect will bring the Ora leaves have the capability to reduce the muscle cramp.

Helps the formation of collagen

Collagen is the important substance to maintain the healthy skin. Ora leaves contain the copper mineral that helps in the formation of collagen. It is used to create the healthy and young skin.

Improves the brain function

Ora leaves contain glutamic acid, a non-essential amino acid substance. This substance is an essential neurotransmitter that maintains the normal function of the brain. It helps to treat some brain disorders such as muscular dystrophy, Parkinson disease, or schizophrenia.

Boost the energy especially for athletes

One of the amino acid in Ora leaves which are called lysine has the capability to boost the energy, especially for athletes. This substance is needed by the body to maintain the proper growth and produce the extra energy.

Builds the body muscle mass

Ora leaves can help to build the muscle mass through its cysteine amino acid content. Cysteine helps the body to build protein which is used for the development of muscle mass.

Controls the normal blood pressure

Ora leaves have only a low sodium content. This is a good diet for persons who have hypertension problem. In addition, the potassium contained in ora leaves can also control the normal blood pressure through its mechanism in regulating the muscle contraction

Keeps the eyes healthy
Ora leaves are also rich in vitamin A which can keep your eyes stay healthy.

Protects the nervous system

The vitamin B inside Ora leaves is involving to protect the nervous system. It covers the end of the nerves from any damages and reduces the symptom of numbness or tingling sensation.

Reduces inflammation

If you have the inflammation problem such as osteoarthritis or tonsillitis, you can consume Ora leaves to relieve them. Ora leaves contain a bioactive compound called polyphenol which is responsible for the inflammation process. It will help you to reduce the inflammation that happens.

Maintains the pH balance in the body

The green of Ora leaves have the alkaline characteristic which helps to maintain the pH balance in the body. It will help your body from the excessive acid that can cause several disorders.

Helps to treat malaria

Ora leaves contain anti-microbial properties that help to treat malaria. This anti-microbial agent can kill the parasite that can cause malaria.

You can consume this plant as a herb in the hot water or you can cook them as the vegetable for your various dishes such as salad or soup. This are the health benefits of african Oha leaves, the taste is delicious enough to be consumed in various way.

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