“Heartbeat Pleasure” Is It Real or Fake

Heartbeat Pleasure, Everything you need to know about it

Heartbeat Pleasure

It’s another heartbeat pleasure to have you guys here, today will be telling you guys about what heartbeat pleasure us all about. Who they are and important facts to know about them.

Who are heartbeat pleasure ?

This is a very good question to start with.

Heartbeat pleasure are a group of peoples from any part of the world that like to stay together sharing what we consider a passion, believe, ideas and possible goals.


In what way we do it?

By you are becoming curious!!

Discover it by yourself… just join us, it’s free and open to everyone ^_^

This site is for all peoples who like to listen to the sound of a human beating heart.

What Heartbeat Pleasure Can Offer

Inside this site you could find:

  • Interesting Stories
  • Trending audio and video files
  • Live Audio and video chat for sharing vital information
  • Thematic forum
  • A buy and sell forum

Finally and much more but, mainly, many friends to speak with and sharing your heart related passions and ideas.

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Do you think it is strange or insane?

Well, nothing more wrong!!

Peoples here like to listen to a human beating heart for many different reasons… to not feeling alone or just for a kind of “fetish” or just for curiosity or to listen to a universal sound that is unique and inside all of us.

Just curious? …don’t worry, join us, may be you will find a new dimension in your life 🙂

You can join our group without any problem because its free and open to everyone.

We do not care if you’re “white”, “black”, “yellow” or if you are “gay”, “bi-sex”, “hetero” or if you are “child”, “young”, “old”… but we pretend maximum respect of ALL other members here and their way to be!!

So… what are you waiting for?
Join us and take your pleasure moments Here

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