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HotMoon Airdrop: How to Claim 2,000,000 HotMoon Token

HotMoon Airdrop: How to Claim 2,000,000 HotMoon Token

Welcome to HotMoon token Airdrop opportunity to claim 2,000,000 token free by doing a simple task using this strategy I shared below.

The HotMoon Airdrop Token is perfectly legit and working.

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What is a HotMoon token Twitter airdrop? (Beta)

you can receive as a gift in exchange for hotmoon token community growth activity on Twitter.

HotMoon Token will start working in Meme coins and Metaverse soon.

How to Claim 2,000,000 HotMoon Token Airdrop

Participating in channel and group of HotMoon Token will bring 2,000,000 units of Token for users and by your contribution you can be a part of this amazing benefit!!!

You can get gift tokens from us by get referrals.

To do this, it is enough for the referral to enter the bot with your link and perform the tasks to receive 4,000,000 tokens.

Join using this referral link:

You can get more gifts by collecting tokens.
All you have to do is log in to your friends with your link and follow HotMoon on Telegram, Instagram and Twitter to receive 4,000,000 tokens.

For Withdraw , You need 5 referrals.

 HotMoon Token

HotMoon Token Roadmap

We shake the world together

Q4 2021

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– Bot AirDrop – AirDrop

Beta Website design / publishing white paper

– Activation of HotMoon token virtual pages

– 50,000 members in HotMoon community

Q1 2022

– Pre/Public-sell

– Creating liquidity in PancakeSwap (bsc) and luaswap (tomochain)

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– Liquidity lock for 5 years

– Listing CoinMarketCap

– Listing coingecko

– Listing in centralized exchanges cex

– audit contract

Q2 2022

– Nft MarketPlace For artists Meme

– The second version of the HotMoon website

– 80,000 members in HotMoon community

– Listing in centralized exchanges cex

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Q3 2022

– presenting the initial story of HotMoon game

– Listing in centralized exchanges cex

– 150,000 members in HotMoon community

– Beta HotMoonSwap For MemeCoins

Q4 2022

– HotMoonSwap V1 Start Work

– Beta version of HotMoon video game

– Presenting the story of the HotMoon vr game

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– AirDrop Token Hotmoon Game

Latest Airdrop:

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