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How Covid-19 dispersed Africa Within 3 months

How Covid-19 dispersed Africa As Lesotho Records first case

How Covid-19 disperse Africa

Here is latest report of how covid-19 dispersed Africa, the southern African country of Lesotho has recorded its first coronavirus case, its health ministry has said, becoming the last nation on the continent to confirm an infection

How Covid-19 dispersed African countries and it’s populaton

The ministry on Wednesday said it conducted 81 coronavirus tests on travellers from neighbouring South Africa and Saudi Arabia, of which one was positive, while the results of 301 other tests are awaited.

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“The Ministry of Health informs the Basotho nation and the entire community living in Lesotho, that the country now has the first confirmed case of COVID-19,” Director General Dr Nyane Letsie said.

The patient is a Lesotho national studying in Saudi Arabia.



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