How do i earn through YouTube? Make $200 with 200 subscribers

Ever asked how do I earn through YouTube? then in this article, I will teach you how to make money on YouTube even with 200 subscribers.

If you are going to be monetizing your channel, it begins with the very first video you create on your channel. You need to be intentional with your channel and treat it as a business.

How do i earn through YouTube

How to make money on YouTube with 200 subscribers

With over 14 billion monthly visitors, YouTube streams 694,000 hours of content on average every minute. Many video producers are making money off their videos now that they’ve realized the platform’s earning potential.


About 2021, YouTube alone brought in USD 28 billion in income from adverts. Many YouTubers have achieved millionaire status, with cumulative profits that exceed those of many Fortune 500 corporations. Below are top strategic ways to make money on YouTube as a content creator even with 200 active subscribers.

YouTube partnership program (YPP)

YouTube pays creators when they hit a certain Milestone – 1k subscribers, 4k watch hours, and 0 Community strikes.

You apply to join the YouTube partnership program (YPP) and then, monetize your videos. But, most people give up before reaching this Milestone.

So, how else can you make money before joining YPP?

Shorts fund

If you are rejected from the YouTube Partner Program, you should concentrate on making 60-second or shorter films and look into the YouTube Shorts Fund. A $100 million fund exists to compensate creators for producing unique Shorts. YouTube will choose thousands of producers each month and give them a Shorts bonus, but not everyone gets this fund.

How much money do you make per 1000 views on YouTube Shorts?

For reference, if all 1 million subscribers watched two videos each week, you could earn a staggering $36,000 per week from AdSense alone. Based on a $0.18 per view average (or $18 per 1,000 views), that is.

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Branded Channel

Besides the first mentioned avenues there are other ways to make money on YouTube. First, your channel must:

  • Be branded.
  • Have a defined target audience.
  • Be consistent with content.

How do i earn through branded YouTube

Start by branding your YouTube account if you want to start making money there. Then, advertise your channel to increase video views. Keep in mind that you have more chances to earn money from the platform if you have more viewers and subscribers.

Another strategy is to have a defined targeted audience by niching down to a particular sub-niche and being consistent in creating quality content.

Affiliate Marketing

As a YouTube creator, you are already seen as an influencer and people will trust your recommendations more than anyone else.

Provided your channel is branded, this implies your channel is the solution and people-oriented. You understand the exact type of product that your viewers will find useful. Find dealers on such products – whether it’s e-product or tangible.

Reach out to them, start adding your affiliate links to your videos and also talk about the product on your videos. I will talk about this more in my next post.

YouTube Merch

This may not start paying you immediately, but you can start by only using merches on your videos.

Earn with Youtube merch

What is merch on YouTube?

YouTube Merch refers to the selection of goods that may be purchased by creating a channel on the website. In other words, YouTube Merch refers to the practice of businesses and influencers setting up a channel to sell products on the site.

There’s a website where creators sell their merches worldwide (Merch(dot)com), you can set up a page and add a link to your store on your video description.

Merch is what viewers use to identify with a channel. But, as a small creator, wear creative Merch that someone might want to get as well depending on your channel niche.

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Brand sponsorship

Another way to make money with your YouTube channel is through brand sponsorship. here, you could get brand sponsorship before hitting big.

I got Infinix sponsorship at less than 5k subs, though they reached out, but here’s a strategy that you can use to attract them.

The reason this is possible is, brands may not want to spend so much on big creators but, can on small creators, so you could be the best bet.

How do you get merch on YouTube?

Here’s what you do let’s take, for instance, I have a Food channel.

I’m going to find other food channels and see brands that have sponsored their video before.

If they are all big brands then you should know that big brands have criteria that may be above your channel.

Example: They may require your channel to be 100k subs and 1M views. You haven’t reached that.

You could be in 100subs. So, I will go for brands that start and push ads to just any creator.

So, I will create a video about their product.

As a good channel, it could be Jameson Seasoning for instance… So, I will make Jameson seasoning so pronounced and even share an advantage over other seasonings.

When I create the video, I’m going to send it to them via email or Twitter handle and ask them for sponsorship. The sponsorship you will be looking at is the first verification.

They should share the video with you. Then, strike a deal that throughout your channel, you will only use their seasoning and also make more videos. Once the brand sees potential in your channel, it will reach back for the official deal.

Remember, they can’t afford big channels and know they need channels like yours. They will bring you in.

Other types of Brand sponsorship are just to get endorsed by the brand in exchange for an affiliate contract which you earn from purchases.

Packaged Video Course

Once you have up to 20 videos on your channel package it as a video course. Sell it with video ads. Just make sure that those videos are worth it. You will also get new subscribers and views on your channel by doing this.


You might not have created a YouTube channel intending to make money, but once you discover how many chances there are, you’ll be glad you did.

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