How does the US embassy detect fake information when people are applying for a visa?

Ever asked yourself How do embassies detect fake bank statements and information of applicants when applying for Visa? Always remember that US immigration personnel are taught and properly trained to spot false information supplied orally as well as on paperwork.

Even when the liar is very positive that the lie is authentic, most visa applicants who intend to deceive also prepare to employ one of the same tired old tales that consular personnel constantly hear. The applicant’s inability to respond to inquiries other than “where are you going?” and “what will you do there?” is a dead giveaway.

As for documents, most either don’t matter because they aren’t enforceable or are laughably fraudulent, having been produced by a vendor like Ali on the Corner, and having been intended not to fool the US consular officer, but only to fool the poor saps who paid for them.

How does the US embassy verify bank statements?

Bank statements are a one-page ticket generated by your bank to replace traditional paper-based bank statements that are normally submitted in visa applications. It contains a unique ticket number and passcode that can be used by Embassies to efficiently verify your account holdings are genuine.

Does US embassy check social media?

Social media data may also be examined for additional grounds for non-admissibility. Even if the action is unrelated to terrorism or violence, your application may be rejected if your posts demonstrate that you were engaged in illegal activity.

When the embassy is processing a visa application and they need to verify the statement of account submitted by the applicant, an anonymous banker, who handles embassy communication with the bank, says the embassy will simply scan the submitted statement of account, and attach it to an email.

Does U.S. Embassy do background check?

Yes, The criminal background check that US Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) conducts on each applicant is a crucial component of the green card application. A list of acts that can render an immigrant “inadmissible” to the country under American immigration law has been compiled by the US Congress.

Why does US embassy take fingerprints?

Yes, a fingerprint is always important, this will verify identity to reduce the use of stolen and counterfeit visas, and protect against possible use by terrorists or others who might represent a security risk to the United States.

Does US embassy check your Instagram?

Applicants must provide their Instagram handles,q other social media accounts, and usernames that they have used in the last five years. For example, they would need to provide this information for any Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram accounts that they hold. However, they do not need to provide passwords for these accounts.

Here is everything you need to know about USA immigration interviews and how the US embassy detect fake information, and verifies fingerprints, and social media accounts.

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