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How Osita Iheme Came to be the Greatest Meme Master Out of Nollywood

How Osita Iheme Came to be the Greatest Meme Master Out of Nollywood

Osita Iheme

If there is one way to make a bad day great, it would be looking at just one funny meme of Nollywood actor Osita Iheme.

A certain group of creative in India thought Iheme’s facial expressions in Nigerian movies were often exciting to watch.

They began setting photos of his face for different kinds of moods described with texts. Not too surprising, it fit most of them.


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So they made more memes of Osita Iheme that are now viral.

This has also seen many Indians celebrating him today more than any actor in Africa. For some reason, Indians have branded Iheme ‘Vadivelu’. That sounds like a good thing knowing that Vadivelu is the name of top Indian filmmaker.

Who is Osita Iheme?

The actor began his success story in Nollywood since the late 90s when he featured in a number of movies with Chinedu Ikediezie. Some of those movies are ‘Aki and Pawpaw‘ which left him with the brand name Pawpaw in most of Africa.

He holds an AMAA Lifetime Achievement Award since 1998.

These memes have beat borders and languages and simply just put smiles on people’s faces. His films continue to go viral as the memes go viral. We are grateful to have a person like him to call our own.

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